Stephanie’s curatorial insight cuts through fleeting market trends to develop cutting edge collections of today’s art.

Stephanie Browne is the founder of Browne Art Advisory. She was formerly the gallery manager of Ace Gallery Beverly Hills, where she worked with defining artists, such as Carl Andre, Robert Smithson, and Erwin Redl, among others. She served as the studio manager of Jay Mark Johnson’s studio, the director of Durden and Ray Gallery, and has curated several award-winning exhibitions at renowned international venues, such as the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien. Her deep passion for contemporary art is rooted in a decade of academic scholarship, in sculpture at USC, in art history at UCLA, and at NYU, where she completed her masters degree in museum studies.

Browne Art Advisory grew organically as Stephanie’s engagement as a curator met with the needs of her expanding network of artists, galleries, interior designers, architects, and collectors. Collecting art is part cultural exploration, part design process, and part investment strategy. Stephanie’s sensitivity to client wishes and personalities pairs with her exacting eye and professional savvy. She acts ahead of the curve, gaining her clients direct access to the most exciting, powerful, and financially promising contemporary artworks.