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New York City is the undisputed giant of the art world. With hundreds of shows opening every month, how do you navigate top museums, commercial galleries, and everything else art the city has to offer?

Stephanie Browne lead you to the best contemporary art exhibitions that the city has to offer.

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Whether you want access to cutting-edge commercial galleries or to dive deeper into museum shows than you ever have before, I create tours that take your love of art to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an art tour last?
Tours typically span about 2 hours, however, all tours are customizable. Tours to destinations outside of New York City will include travel time.

Can I request a specific art destination, like MoMA or Chelsea gallery district?
Yes, I’m happy build an experience around your interests.  I can also take care of selecting the exhibitions, if you don’t know where to begin.

Is it possible to purchase art during the tour?
Each tour is an opportunity to explore your tastes more in depth. When you discover a work you really connect with, my advisory services can help you pull the trigger with confidence. If purchasing art is your end game, definitely contact me to learn more about advisory services for collectors.

How many people can join one art tour? 
All tours are customizable. Reach out to me with details about your group and we’ll make a plan the suits the number of guests in your party.

What if I need to cancel a reservation?
You can see our cancellation policy here.

How far in advance do I need to book? 
If you’d like to explore a gallery district, we can typically arrange this with a minimum of two days notice. If we are going to build a brand new tour around your interests, depending on the destination, this may take a week or more to plan. Let’s discuss.

What if I don’t have a background in art? 
Tours are designed to be enjoyable for all backgrounds. If you’ve previously found visiting galleries intimidating (many people do!), a tour is a perfect way to get past that trepidation, with an insider to lead the way.

I’m an artist seeking to grow my career in New York City. Is this tour for me?
Yes and no. Yes, a gallery tour will deepen your understanding of the art market and help you connect with insiders, which are important steps in building a professional career in art. No, the tour is not the right place and time for a portfolio review. If you’d like a consult on your portfolio, please submit it here.

Have another question about your tour?
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Stephanie is fantastic! She created a custom experience that made me fall in love with New York all over again. Seeing pieces through Stephanie’s eyes and being introduced to her network was energizing and a much-needed jolt that reminded me of the magic of our art community here.

January 2019


Stephanie has brilliant insight and an amazing way with language that activates the art you see. During our first visit with her, she already selected exhibitions that captured our interest. We’ve reconnected with her many times since this first trip, and we trust her taste and connections will lead us someplace new and exciting every time.

November 2018


BOOK. THIS. TOUR. Stephanie is an absolute joy and a total pro. She took us to see some incredible art, raised interesting talking points for us to discuss, and enlightened us with her deep art knowledge. 

November 2018


CAPTIVATING. New York attracts global minds and Stephanie has a gift at noticing the macro trends of art today. A once in a lifetime experience that will leave your perspective shifted, tilted, enlightened or simply pleased. MIND BENDING – It’s not a tour, it’s a reflection of history, emotions, and some of the most interesting phenomenons of today.

November 2018