Next stop, Mexico City

Sunday at 6AM, I’m headed down to Mexico City for a week of shopping Contemporary Art, immersing in the vibrant metropolitan culture, and hopefully, a little bit of the unknown.

In my mind’s eye, I’m already walking down the shaded path between the Museo Soumaya and the Museo Jumex. At the end of this perfect strip of hardscaping that reminds me of Chelsea’s High Line, I’ll discover the latest witty and socially-engaged project by artist Michael Smith on view at the Jumex.

For participation’s sake, I’ll allow Smith to persuade me with a bit a fiction, and reimagine the terrace of the museum as a timeshare property with exceptional benefits, described as, “proximity to culture, stunning vistas, and 24 hour curatorial services…” Maybe I will find a way to cancel my Airbnb and dwell for the week at the museum. Living in David Chipperfield’s architecture would be my kind of heaven.

Things will turn to business on Wednesday and Thursday, with the consecutive openings of art fairs, Zona Maco and Material. We have an itinerary of meetings and art viewings that won’t let up till Friday.

Walking through the thin corridor of the Lulu project space

The mix of galleries in Mexico City is unique, and I’m looking forward to exploring local offerings, like Document Space and Future Gallery, more rapidly via their booths at the fairs. I’m sure to venture off site to a few of the more unique physical exhibition spaces, like Archivo, Proyectos Monclova, and my favorite tiny project space, Lulu.

Do you know Mexico City? Send me your personal recommendations. I’d love to follow in your footsteps.

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Before I jet out, join me tomorrow for an art tour in Soho. 

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