On Collecting Affordable Art…

Leading up to the Affordable Art Fair held in NYC at the end of this month, let’s talk about buying strategies to discover affordable art and pull the trigger with confidence.

The price of a work of art relates to copious factors other than the maker’s talent. Prices for art are constantly adjusted based on the artist’s exhibition record, the number of years they’ve been doing business with certain dealers, their performance at auction, and so on.

An established artist who has already hit several career milestones may sell at a higher price point, although the work of an emerging talent may be just as extraordinary. What’s more, emerging art can make for a rewarding purchase, by contributing to an artist realizing their potential.

When working with a smaller budget, or starting a collection for the first time, I buy emerging. When I have more play, I lean towards mid-career. Working with an advisor is an incredibly effective way to increase your buying power because it expands your access to artists in the scene beyond those in the center spotlight.

An advisor can also help you read the trajectory of emerging talent, assessing whether the artist’s work is truly original and if they seem to have what it takes to keep climbing the ladder.

Looking at more well-known artists, I learn about my client’s taste and get a feel for which affordable art they will love. Here’s how we do this:

If you’re over the moon for Tomás Saraceno’s celestial objects…

Estimated $24,000

You collect the first ever Moon Jars of Andrew Erdos.

$1,000 – $2,200

Andrew Erdos, Moon Jars, 2018 Handblown class coated in molten aluminum 8 to 12 in. diameters Courtesy of Andrew Erdos


If your eyes glaze over at the psychedelic finishes of Kenneth Price

Estimated $32,000

You collect the vibrant micro-architecture of Sue Havens.


Sue Havens, Brick and Mortar Series, 2018 Fired clay, acrylic paint, and ceramic glaze 9½ x 9 x 3 ½ in Courtesy of LMAKgallery, NY

I hope these tips open your mind to a realm of art collecting that is within everyone’s reach.

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